The fastest, most convenient way to freeze brand

Brandabull is the only instant freeze branding gun in the world!

The fastest, easiest and fully portable way to freeze brand cattle.

Brandabull Freeze Branding

Brandabull is the revolutionary, fully portable freeze branding system that can be used instantly and does not require pre-delivery of dry ice or liquid nitrogen. This means branding can be carried out at any time without notice.

Freeze branding with Brandabull uses a standard bottle of carbon dioxide (CO2). Everything you need is included in the Brandabull kit along with a useful hanging organiser.

The simplicity of using the Brandabull freeze branding system lies in its gun which produces dry ice directly from liquid carbon dioxide (CO2). There is no wastage as you only make enough ice to fill each brand digit as you require. The gun is connected directly to the CO2 cylinder with a high pressure reinforced hose that carries the CO2 liquid to the special barrel and nozzle assembly.

Advantages of Freeze Branding

  1. Freeze brands are permanent and unalterable
  2. Freeze brands are highly visible
  3. There is little discomfort to the animal
  4. There is no damage to the hide

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